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With around 20 years of experience in real estate and construction field, Vaishnavi Estates Pvt. Ltd has completed several housing and commercial ventures within Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

The group started their construction business as a natural progression from being professional architects and engineers. The foundation laid is strong in its every detail, where spaces are designed and made to accommodate the requirements of their clients. At Vaishnavi, the forms of the structures built follow the functionality. Be it residential or commercial ventures, priority is given to the need, convenience and comfort of the customer.

Coming from an architectural and engineering background, the promoters also lay a lot of emphasis on the structural designs and sustainability of each and every project. Getting into the field of construction was a passionate step taken, to be able to provide an end to end solution for creating spaces for living and business.

Vaishnavi Estates is built on a strong philosophy of emphasising on best service for the customer from the beginning and throughout their association with the group. This premise is communicated and followed by the entire group.

It is because of this philosophy and belief, that Vaishnavi has earned the appreciation of all the stakeholders and continues to be the most preferred company in residential and commercial segments.

Vaishnavi believes in creating and building spaces with the following criteria:
Customized:the spaces that one lives and works in, have to be a reflection of one's personality and sensibilities.

Futuristic: Think ahead into the future, to be able to create better spaces today to live in for years to come.
Holistic: Work very closely with the customers from the time of designing till the end for occupancy, to make sure that every detail and need is taken care of.

Vaishnavi Estates Pvt. Ltd believes and works with these core values:
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Our  Associates:
Vaishnavi Estates Pvt Ltdstands tall with over 20years of experience with efficiency in the real estate market, where each project is built with uncompromising construction standards and matchless aesthetic beauty.

Through the years the brand 'Vaishnavi'has been synonymous with quality construction, loyalty and commitment. With the accent always being on style and functionality, the group's projects are specifically designed and today, adorn strategic points in the growing hubs of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Vijayawada.

"To create spaces of aesthetic value those are functionally viable and reflect in utmost customer delight."

Shiva's have been developing effective solutions in defining spaces for their varied client base. They are into architecture designing and planning from 1989. Their portfolio covers a wide range of projects for private clients, developers, universities, local health authorities and housing associations across broad range of building types. More than 500 unique distinctive projects in residential, commercial, corporate, gated, recreational and public buildings have been accomplished.
Vaishnavi School of Architecture and Planning (VSAP) is a premier institution offering Undergraduate program in the areas of Natural and Built environment and related disciplines.
VSAP aspires not only to train competent technocrats but also to increase the students' sensitivity to the emotional, spiritual and aesthetic dimensions. The students are also equipped to understand the complex societal forces that would increasingly bear on them when they begin their professional life and to cope with them successfully.
We believe in going ahead with all our stakeholders. Each of our members, be it the employees, vendors, associates, clients or customers, come with their own knowledge, expertise and ideas. We listen to everyone and share knowledge willingly. This creates an open environment, where we combine our expertise and also create excellent relationships. We understand and believe that we are all a part of a larger picture and collaborating with each other constructively is the best value addition for everyone.

We take pride in our work, with a passion and enthusiasm to achieve our best in delivering satisfaction to our customers and other stakeholders. We follow the best practices and work on a holistic experience to our customers. Our aim is to build on sustainable solutions that would be efficient and long lasting.

Our promise is to ourselves and all our stakeholders to provide the best of services. We operate in the most transparent and collaborative environments. We promise our customers that we would re-define their world, which would make them proud.